I have almost twenty years experience as a litigator with a broad range of experience from landlord-tenant to family law to real estate to construction disputes and even traffic ticket defense.

I began my legal career at a small law firm in Gainesville, Florida where I handled family law cases almost exclusively. I litigated many divorces and many types of divorces, from uncontested divorces with no children and a simple asset distribution to full-blown custody disputes and divorces involving hidden assets and complicated tax consequences. I also had clients who needed me to help them negotiate prenuptial agreements, real estate contracts and real property deeds, lease agreements, business contracts, employment agreements, and marital settlement agreements. I represented both landlords and tenants in eviction proceedings, I was privileged to assist several clients in finalizing their adoptions, and I helped many clients prepare their last will and testament.

Since moving to Atlanta in 2001, I have been fortunate to gain exposure to a broad variety of civil litigation matters, from mass tort, class action defense to landlord-tenant disputes. I have worked at large law firms among hundreds of other attorneys and at small firms with fewer than five attorneys in the entire firm. My litigation experience includes construction defect defense, collections, personal property repossession, foreclosure defense, mechanics liens, contractor disputes, dispossessory (eviction) proceedings, breach of contract, and divorces. Specifically, for my family law clients, I have litigated complex divorces involving millions of dollars in assets, some of which required detailed business evaluations, and a few where the client's prenuptial agreement was challenged by their spouse. In addition, I negotiated settlement agreements and prenuptial agreements concerning the distribution of millions of dollars in domestic and international assets.

My work history in Atlanta has also allowed me to acquire considerable knowledge and expertise regarding electronic discovery and the issues surrounding the production of enormous numbers of electronically stored documents. With very limited resources, I have built an extensive, easy-to-use document database that proved vital to the litigation and facilitated the identification of key documents and the production of documents at the bare minimum of cost to the client.

Whatever your particular case may be, I am confident that I will provide you with diligent, intelligent, and respectful representation to the absolute and final resolution of your case.

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