I want to help your small to medium sized firm successfully manage your electronic discovery with any issue you may have:

I have developed a document review program that is easy to use and does not require you to purchase any additional software like Summation or Concordance.

I can build your electronic document database from scratch no matter your circumstances. If you have thousands of electronic documents in a variety of formats (tiff, doc, pdf, etc.), I can reformat the files and organize the files to make searching and reviewing the documents as efficient and painless as possible.  If you have thousands of pages of hard copies of documents that need to be organized and produced electronically, I can easily get those documents transferred into a searchable, electronic document database.

I understand the technical jargon, I understand how files are stored on a computer, and I understand how databases and electronic filing systems work. As an attorney, I can also readily comprehend the legal issues that are important in your particular case and help draft discovery requests and motions to compel to get the documents you need. Likewise, I can ensure that what you produce protects your clients confidential information.

If you are interested in new e-mail, calendaring, online document management, and collaboration system with a minimal cost to you and your firm, you might want to consider migrating from your current system to Google for Work.  I have extensive experience with Google Apps (my own firm is run entirely on Google Apps and I pay $10.00 annually in total costs) and I can answer your questions about implementation.  When you are ready to make the switch, I am ready to provide your firm with training and guidance to ensure the process runs as effortlessly and with as few problems as possible.

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